Kevin McCarthy’s Plot Bombs As More Republicans Join 1/6 Committee Staff

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Former Rep. Denver Riggleman, a Republican from Virginia with quality and nationalist information experience, has been added to the 1/6 Committee staff.

According to a merchandise from 1/6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson:

Chairman Bennie G. Thompson contiguous made the pursuing connection regarding erstwhile Representative Denver Riggleman and Homeland Security Department Principal Deputy General Counsel Joseph Maher joining the nonpartisan Select Committee’s elder staff:

“I convey these 2 nationalist servants for their willingness to enactment the Select Committee’s important enactment by joining our nonpartisan staff. They recognize however adjacent our ideology was to catastrophe connected January 6th, and I commend their committedness to assistance guarantee we ne'er spot a repetition of that day. In summation to being a erstwhile House colleague, Mr. Riggleman brings a heavy inheritance successful nationalist information and quality matters. Mr. Maher has distinguished himself crossed his vocation arsenic a nationalist servant, and I’m grateful to Representative Cheney for recommending that helium articulation our team. These 2 individuals volition supply invaluable penetration and expertise arsenic we portion unneurotic what happened connected January 6th and successful the clip starring up to it.”

Kevin McCarthy Tried To Keep Republicans Away From The 1/6 Committee, But Republicans Keep Joining.

McCarthy did everything that helium could deliberation of to support Republicans distant from the committee, but 2 Republicans (Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger) accepted Speaker Pelosi’s connection and joined the committee. Now those Republicans are adding different Republicans to the committee’s elder staff.

McCarthy’s program has wholly flopped. The 1/6 Committee is bipartisan, and his program to discredit the probe is turning into a monolithic failure.

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