Leftist Gabriel Boric, 35, wins Chile's presidential election

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(CNN)Leftist and erstwhile pupil person Gabriel Boric, 35, volition go Chile's youngest President aft helium won a statesmanlike runoff election connected Sunday.

With 99.95% of ballots counted, Boric won with 55.87% of the vote, securing triumph implicit his right-wing opponent, Jose Antonio Kast, who trailed with 44.13%, according to the Electoral Service of Chile. Boric volition beryllium sworn successful arsenic President connected March 11.

Earlier Sunday, Kast conceded the predetermination to Boric and congratulated his hostile "on his large triumph."

    "From contiguous helium is the elected President of Chile and deserves each our respect and constructive collaboration. Chile is ever first," Kast tweeted.

      Speaking to supporters astatine his run office Sunday night, President-elect Boric thanked the radical of Chile.

      "I privation to statesman this humanities infinitesimal which is tremendously exciting, and that the eyes of Chile and the satellite are watching, thanking each Chileans who went to vote, honoring their committedness to democracy," helium said.

      "It doesn't substance if you did it for maine oregon my opponent; the important happening is that you did it, you were present, you showed your committedness to this state that belongs to each of you."

      Outgoing Chilean President Sebastian Pinera congratulated Boric earlier successful the evening, saying, "Chileans person fixed an illustration of democracy, you were portion of that, I congratulate you."

      Video from CNN Chile showed celebrations successful the capital, Santiago, connected Sunday evening, with radical waving banners and flags successful enactment of Boric.

      Polar opposites

      Representing polar opposites of Chile's statesmanlike race, Boric and Kast emerged arsenic the 2 starring candidates aft a wide predetermination was held connected November 21.

      Kast garnered 28% of that vote, missing the indispensable 50% needed to debar a runoff. Boric came successful 2nd with 25%.

      Kast, whose caller surge successful popularity has amazed critics, has sometimes been compared to erstwhile US President Donald Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro -- helium is simply a staunch defender of erstwhile dictator General Augusto Pinochet's authorities and the escaped market. The 55-year-old erstwhile congressman's docket included a taxation chopped for companies, gathering barriers successful the northbound of Chile to forestall migrants from entering illegally and abolishing abortion.

      Boric meanwhile, was a pupil person successful the Chilean superior rallying against the country's privatized acquisition strategy alongside thousands of others, 10 years ago.

      Chilean statesmanlike  campaigner  Jose Antonio Kast of the Republican Party speaks to supporters during the statesmanlike  elections run  closing rally connected  November 18 successful  Santiago, Chile.

      This predetermination comes 2 years aft massive protests and riots shook the state successful October 2019, with protesters demanding improved pensions, amended education, and the extremity of an economical strategy they said favors the elite.

      The unrest led to now-outgoing President Pinera to hold to a referendum to alteration the constitution, which was inherited from Pinochet's bloody dictatorship. Last year, Chileans overwhelmingly voted to draught a caller one. That process is successful present successful the works, with the new constitution to beryllium voted connected successful a plebiscite sometime successful mid-2022.

      Boric's governmental level has been riding connected that wave, which includes proposals for a much inclusive nationalist wellness system, to cancel pupil debt, to rise taxes for the ace affluent and a revision of the state's backstage pension strategy -- which was inherited from Pinochet's subject regime.

       Meet the shaggy-haired millennial vying for Chile's presidency

      But Chile inactive hasn't regained the stableness for which it was erstwhile known. It has been hard-hit economically by the pandemic, and brutal clashes betwixt protesters and information forces proceed play successful Santiago.

      Considering the caller past, Boric was wide perceived arsenic the statesmanlike campaigner who amended represented the country's societal movement. He is simply a protagonist of termination rights, a payment authorities model, and leads a wide conjugation that includes Chile's Communist Party.

      Speaking aft his triumph Sunday, Boric thanked the women of Chile who "organized themselves passim the federation to support the rights that person outgo them truthful overmuch to achieve, from things arsenic basal arsenic the close to ballot that immoderate dared to question to the close to determine implicit their ain body."

      "I privation to archer you, number connected us, you volition beryllium protagonists of our government," helium added, telling the state helium volition beryllium the "President of each Chileans."

      Analyst Robert Funk, prof astatine the University of Chile, said Boric has had "an amazing, meteoric governmental career," successful rising from pupil person to President-elect.

      "It's a precise wide mandate from Chilean voters," Funk said. "His party, his message, truly shows the tendency -- and the information that Chilean's voted for that -- shows a tendency for alteration for a much modern Chile."

      Reactions to Boric's victory

      Leaders crossed Latin America and the Caribbean congratulated the caller President-elect.

      Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez tweeted, "Warm congratulations to @gabrielboric for his predetermination arsenic President of Chile successful a historical fashionable victory. We ratify the volition to grow bilateral relations and practice betwixt some peoples and governments."

        Colombian President Ivan Duque besides tweeted congratulations, saying, "We explicit our involvement successful continuing to enactment unneurotic to fortify the historical and fraternal bilateral narration that unites us. We are sister countries."

        Peruvian President Pedro Castillo, Bolivian President Luis Arce, Uruguay's President Luis Lacalle Pou and Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado besides took to Twitter to congratulate the caller leader.

        Daniela Mohor W. contributed reporting.

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