Liz Cheney Falsely Blames Biden For Afghanistan Instead Of Her Dad

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Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY)  blamed President Biden for Afghanistan without blaming her begetter for his relation successful starting the war.

Liz Cheney Blames Biden For The Unraveling Of Afghanistan

Rep. Cheney tweeted:

The Trump/Biden calamity unfolding successful Afghanistan began with the Trump medication negotiating with terrorists and pretending they were partners for peace, and is ending with American surrender arsenic Biden abandons the state to our violent enemies.


Cheney was close astir Trump elevating the Taliban. The failed erstwhile president chopped a woody with the Taliban successful a hopeless bid to triumph reelection. Don’t hide Trump’s strategy to invitation the Taliban to the White House astir 9/11 to denote a “peace deal.”

Liz Cheney Ignored The Role Of Her Father And The Bush Administration In The Afghanistan Failure

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and George W. Bush made the archetypal misdeed successful the Afghanistan determination erstwhile they went into Afghanistan with overconfidence successful the US subject to region the Taliban from powerfulness but had nary program for what comes next.

It was Bush and Cheney who committed the United States to a everlastingly warfare successful Afghanistan. It was Cheney who pushed the nation-building concept. Cheney thought the United States could remake the Middle East with wars successful Iraq and Afghanistan.

The neo-con presumption got the United States into the mediate of a civilian war, and the work for that determination belongs to the medication that Liz Cheney’s begetter served in.

President Biden Made The Brave Choice And Deserves Praise For His Afghanistan Decision.

Every azygous statesmanlike nominee from some parties has wanted to get the US retired of Afghanistan since 2012. Obama campaigned connected getting the US retired of Afghanistan successful 2008.

Obama deed a partition of Republican backlash and ended up adding much troops to effort to make the conditions for the US departure.

Trump was utterly clueless and saw leaving Afghanistan arsenic a governmental gimmick to beryllium exploited.

Biden deserves praise for having the guts to bash what was indispensable and what the American radical person been demanding for years.

By leaving retired her father’s role, Liz Cheney attempted to rewrite past to region blasted from Dick Cheney and alternatively blasted Joe Biden.

Rep. Cheney is wrong, and her falsehood can’t beryllium allowed to basal unchallenged.

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