Mike Lindell Has A Public Meltdown And Accuses Conservative Writer In His Audience Of Being A CIA Plant

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Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium has been a fiasco, and Lindell added substance to the occurrence by accusing a blimpish writer successful the assemblage of being a CIA plant.

Mike Lindell Thinks Conservative Writers Are CIA Plants

Video of Lindell:

Here is Mike Lindell claiming that a writer from the blimpish Gateway Pundit is simply a CIA plant, due to the fact that helium accurately described 1 of Lindell's experts debunking the China hack conspiracy theory. https://t.co/53n3vL7vjg


Lindell said, “We’re checking into it. The reddish squad is checking into this Larry Johnson. It sounds similar he’s CIA. Is that correct? That’s the connection we’re getting, truthful we’re going to cheque retired this Larry Johnson and conscionable privation to interrupt you due to the fact that that’s what they’re retired there. They’re trying everything they tin to destruct the connection coming retired of this summit.”

Mike Lindell Doesn’t Know What The Experts Are Saying At His Symposium.

Lindell promised grounds that the predetermination was stolen from Trump and has delivered nothing. Even the commenters successful the chat accompanying the unrecorded watercourse of the symposium are starting to inquire Lindell wherever his grounds is.

I whitethorn disagree with virtually everything that The Gateway Pundit publishes, but PoliticusUSA has been astatine unrecorded events successful the property country with writers from that organization, and I tin archer you that they are not CIA.

Mike Lindell appears to person nary thought what the experts are saying astatine his ain event. (Hint: the experts are not backing up his conspiracy theories.)

Just similar Trump, erstwhile Lindell was confronted with adjacent a whiff of the truth, helium melted down and spun wildly into conspiracy theories.

Thanks to the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit, Mike Lindell is astir apt going to broke soon, and you’ll beryllium capable to find him connected a thoroughfare country adjacent you ranting astir however the predetermination was stolen from Donald Trump.

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