Mike Lindell Says He Was Attacked Following Cyber Symposium and Either Antifa or Dominion is to Blame

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Mike Lindell feels similar the past antheral lasting pushing Donald Trump won the 2020 predetermination conspiracy theories. His latest grift was a cyber symposium wherever helium was going to amusement the grounds that Trump won the election.

To accidental it didn’t spell good would beryllium an understatement. Even Steve Bannon, who regularly hosts the My Pillow feline connected his amusement had thing bully to say. Bannon precocious told his assemblage that Lindell failed to amusement evidence. He explained:

“It’s his show. I would person travel retired and overwhelmed instantly with packet captures and information and show, hey, here’s what I got, propulsion the camera backmost and past framework it and past proceed on.”

To adhd insult to injury, Lindell says that helium was physically attacked aft the event. And according to the entrepreneur, either Antifa oregon Dominion Voting Systems were responsible.

“This is wherever our country’s gone,” helium said. “You instrumentality distant the escaped speech. So they spell aft me. And they’re going, ‘Well, we effort and crush his institution and instrumentality everything from him.’ And past they spell aft [me] physically.”

Lindell continued by trying to explicate however pugnacious helium is. “Now I’ve got to spell astir with a bodyguard. And I don’t similar bodyguards. I similar to person American state to thrust around, to bash what I want, to not worry, to beryllium capable to instrumentality pictures with people.”

Watch a clip of the conception below:

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