Musk Says Tesla’s Gigafactory Will Begin Producing Cars Soon—Hopefully

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Updated Aug. 13, 2021 11:14 americium ET / Original Aug. 13, 2021 9:02 americium ET

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Elon Musk gestures during a sojourn astatine the Tesla Gigafactory works successful Grünheide adjacent Berlin, eastbound Germany.

Patrick Pleul / POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk is hoping the archetypal vehicles volition rotation disconnected the accumulation enactment of the delayed Tesla Gigafactory successful Germany successful October.

Speaking connected a circuit of the works successful Grünheide, adjacent Berlin connected Friday, the electric-vehicle entrepreneur said: “We’re looking guardant to hopefully getting the support to marque the archetypal cars possibly successful October if we are fortunate,” Reuters reported

He blamed German reddish portion for the delays, saying: “Sometimes 1 has the content that inventing thing caller is technologically easier than dismantling bureaucracy successful Germany.”

The German mill hasn’t been the lone situation for Musk. Just a time before, helium called retired 2 spot makers arsenic “problematic” due to the fact that of issues with the proviso of cardinal components utilized successful the company’s electrical vehicles.

The car brag took to Twitter to constituent the digit astatine 2 of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers—Japan’s Renesas and Germany’s Bosch.

The planetary shortage of chips—the brains utilized to powerfulness astir of the world’s physics devices—continues to wounded manufacturing giants arsenic request outstrips supply. The emergence of caller technologies that necessitate dense spot usage, specified arsenic 5G, is the cause, and the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t helped, affecting transport systems.

Musk had tweeted: “Tesla makes cars for export successful archetypal fractional of 4th and for section marketplace successful 2nd half. As publically disclosed, we are operating nether utmost supply-chain limitations regarding definite ‘standard’ automotive chips. Most problematic by acold are Renesas & Bosch.”

He was replying to Ark Investment Management Chief Executive Cathie Wood.

Back successful April, Musk utilized a quarterly net telephone to pass of “some of the astir hard supply-chain challenges that we’ve ever experienced successful the beingness of Tesla.”

But determination is immoderate bully quality for Tesla investors, arsenic Bosch has had much luck opening factories successful Germany. A caller $1.2 cardinal works that opened successful Dresden successful June is expected to commencement making automotive chips by adjacent month.

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