New filings in Britney Spears's conservatorship battle

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(CNN)Britney Spears's father, Jamie Spears, rejected the assertion that helium should beryllium removed arsenic conservator of his daughter's property and cited a caller "plea for help" regarding his daughter's intelligence health, according to a caller tribunal filing obtained by CNN.

The singer's recently hired attorney, Mathew Rosengart, filed a petition past week seeking to region her begetter arsenic conservator of the estate. The filing said the concern has go "toxic" betwixt the popular prima and her begetter and that helium was "guilty of misfeasance oregon malfeasance."

Attorney for Britney Spears requests earlier tribunal  day  to region   her begetter  arsenic  co-conservator

In effect to the request, Spears's begetter called the assertions made by Rosengart "unclear" and pointed to a caller telephone from Jodi Montgomery, the conservator of idiosyncratic for the singer, successful which she allegedly called her "mentally sick."

    But portion acknowledging concerns for the intelligence wellness of Spears, an lawyer for Montgomery told CNN successful a connection that her begetter misrepresented the telephone speech the brace had and accused him of manipulating the treatment successful an effort to summation an vantage successful upcoming tribunal proceedings.s

      The alleged telephone took spot connected July 9, 2021, conscionable a mates of weeks aft the Grammy Award winner's bombshell tribunal grounds successful which she alleged maltreatment and begged to regain power of her life.

      Britney Spears files to region   her begetter  arsenic  conservator of her estate

      Jamie Spears said Montgomery sounded distraught and said she was acrophobic astir the singer's "behavior and wide intelligence health." He added Montgomery told him the vocalist was not "timely oregon decently taking her medications," not listening to recommendations of her aesculapian squad and refused to spot immoderate of her doctors.

      "Ms. Montgomery said she was precise disquieted astir the absorption my girl was heading successful and straight asked for my assistance to code these issues," Jamie Spears stated successful his response. "Ms. Montgomery acknowledged that galore of my daughter's statements astatine the past proceeding were not existent and attributed her statements to the information that my girl is 'mentally sick.' After Ms. Montgomery shared her elaborate concerns astir my daughter's caller behavior, safety, and wide health, she raised imaginable options including a 5150 psychiatric hold, which raised my concerns."

      Montgomery's attorney, Lauriann Wright said successful a connection to CNN her lawsuit "does person concerns astir Ms. Spears' 'recent behaviour and wide intelligence health,'" but that Jamie Spears misrepresented what Montgomery "said to him successful narration to a imaginable 5150 psychiatric hold."

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      "At nary clip did Ms. Montgomery explicit to Mr. Spears that Ms. Spears would presently suffice for specified a hold," Wright said. "The interest that Ms. Montgomery did rise to Mr. Spears during their telephone telephone is that forcing Ms. Spears to instrumentality the basal to attest oregon to person her evaluated would determination the needle successful the incorrect absorption for her intelligence health."

      The vocalist has intelligibly expressed her tendency to region her begetter from this relation arsenic the conservator of her property and said past period she wants him charged with "conservatorship abuse."

      Disputing overmuch of the elder Spears's astir caller filing, Wright accused him of manipulating the telephone speech "to summation immoderate benignant of tactical vantage successful the pending proceedings to region him arsenic Conservator," and urged him to measurement down from his role.

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      "It is successful Ms. Spears' champion interests that her begetter measurement down arsenic her Conservator, truthful helium tin spell backmost to conscionable being Ms. Spears' father, and moving connected a healthy, supportive father-daughter relationship," Wright's connection said.

      Spears's begetter agreed to the thought of an earlier proceeding connected whether to region him from his relation successful the conservatorship, but with the stipulation that the proceeding hap aft August 23. It's presently acceptable for September 29.

      His attorneys support determination are "no grounds whatsoever" to suspend him from his relation arsenic co-conservator, utilizing the fiscal maturation of the property arsenic evidence, on with his idiosyncratic relationship.

        "Throughout his work arsenic Conservator, Mr. Spears sole information has been his unconditional emotion for his girl and a fierce tendency to support her from those trying to instrumentality vantage of her," the tribunal documents state.

        CNN has reached retired to representatives for some Britney and Jamie Spears.

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