New Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Shows Drax Flirting With Lady Hellbender

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Eidos-Montréal’s Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was Game Informer’s June screen story. We spent weeks talking to developers astir the RPG mechanics, branching dialogue, and comic publication action. More breathtaking footage was shown worldwide during E3 this summer, arsenic good arsenic a gameplay demo chock-full of third-person exploration and explosive combat. A caller trailer dropped today, introducing Lady Hellbender. What’s more, the hulking warrioress spends a bully information of the cinematic flirting with the incredibly dry-humored Drax.

Lady Hellbender is the queen of Seknarf Nine and a monster collector. At the commencement of the cutscene, which you tin ticker above, she’s talking to a imaginable seller. Her adjacent clients, the titular Guardians, get to speech but, instead, ticker arsenic the seller is torn isolated by his ain auctioned creature, the dreaded Tara-tara. When Hellbender comes face-to-face with Drax, it becomes evident to everyone successful the arena that his legendary estimation precedes him. Needless to say, the flirtatious speech betwixt Drax and Hellbender isn’t the crudest retired there, but it’s decidedly cringey (and humorous!). 

Star-Lord is allowed to promote Drax to flirt backmost oregon instrumentality the pb himself. And aboriginal on, successful clumsy Peter-Quill fashion, helium adjacent whips retired his precise ain laminated concern card. Lady Hellbender, of course, is not impressed. In a dev commentary mentation of the aforesaid trailer, Cinematic and Animation Director Darryl Purdy talks astir wherefore the Guardians person adjacent decided to plaything by Lady Hellbender’s abode successful the archetypal place:

“Having been arrested and fined, [the Guardians] present beryllium a sizeable magnitude of credits to Nova Corps. They devise a program to merchantability either Rocket oregon Groot to Lady Hellbender arsenic a mode to marque a speedy buck. Once the woody is complete, the Guardians program to double-cross Lady Hellbender by aboriginal sneaking into her fortress and breaking their person out.”

As per usual, it sounds similar the Guardians volition person their enactment chopped retired for them. 

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy launches for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC connected October 26. Head implicit to our sum hub for much exclusive info connected the upcoming game.

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