No Man's Sky Frontiers Update Announced In Celebration Of Its 5th Anniversary

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No Man’s Sky is 5 years aged today, and it's hard to judge that overmuch clip has passed since the astral-hopping adventures began. Hello Games is celebrating the juncture with a trailer chronicling the 16 escaped updates released for No Man’s Sky that helped the workplace unrecorded up to its ambitious goals. The trailer looks astatine the past and gives a tiny glimpse astatine the aboriginal by announcing a caller enlargement called Frontiers. No contented is shown of this caller update, but the trailer concludes by saying Frontiers is "coming soon."

You tin cheque retired the day trailer below, which cycles done the antithetic iterations of No Man’s Sky and includes footage of Sean Murray and the Hello Games squad doing property for the crippled starring up to release and fan reactions to 1 of the largest updates to the game, No Man’s Sky Next.

Game Informer Magazine Content Director Matt Miller reviewed the archetypal mentation of No Man’s Sky backmost successful 2016; portion determination are things helium liked astir the experience, this punctuation of his closing paragraph points retired what helium felt needed to beryllium addressed successful the archetypal product:

An aimlessness and state pervades No Man’s Sky; the sensation is intelligibly purposeful, but it’s not ever pleasant. Without much meaningful rewards oregon engaging moment-to-moment action, the mid- and endgame experiences teeter distant from sci-fi splendor and into rote repetition. No Man’s Sky is simply a beingness affluent successful potential, and it is steeped successful classical science-fiction tropes. It’s a crippled abstraction begging for further crafted content, and I anticipation Hello Games continues to adhd much implicit time.

Not lone did Hello Games proceed to tinker distant astatine their procedural galaxy, but it kept adding successful features to marque each parts of the acquisition much robust and interesting. Whole storylines were added, existent inworld multiplayer was created to assuage subordinate complaints, mechs tin present beryllium piloted, you tin befriend alien creatures and person them travel you crossed the galaxy, player-designed bases tin beryllium built (a diagnostic Video Editor Alex Van Aken claims saved the game), caller upwind and terrain person been added, and galore of the visuals were overhauled to let the crippled to radiance connected the newest hardware. Hello Games adjacent made No Man's Sky wholly playable successful VR.

So overmuch has been done successful the past 5 years to crook the crippled from a missed accidental to a imagination travel true. Kudos to the Hello Games squad for celebrating 5 years of abstraction exploration. We look guardant to what the Frontiers update includes and what volition travel beyond.

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