NRL hits back at fuming Roosters coach

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NRL Head of Football Graham Annesley has refused to beryllium caught up successful the statement of "consistency" aft Roosters manager Trent Robinson was near fuming with a fig of decisions during his side's nonaccomplishment to Penrith.

Roosters guardant Jared Waerea-Hargreaves was controversially sent to the misdeed bin connected Saturday for holding down Panthers guardant Scott Sorenson portion Penrith were successful an attacking position. The misdeed bin had followed back-to-back six-again calls successful favour of the Panthers.

While the punishment telephone unsocial connected Waerea-Hargreaves was warranted, what near Robinson peculiarly frustrated was that helium felt Panthers guardant Liam Martin committed a akin offence precocious successful the game, which resulted successful nary action.

"Consistency has to beryllium there. If you're going to telephone it, past telephone it each azygous crippled and each azygous week," Robinson said astatine the time.

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves is sent to the misdeed bin (Getty)

Responding to the comments made by the Roosters coach, Annesley said it's unfair to comparison 2 abstracted incidents based connected the antithetic acceptable of circumstances each concern comes with.

"One of the changeless treatment points successful our crippled is astir this contented of consistency," Annesley said.

"The constituent I would make, nary 2 incidents are ever the aforesaid and determination are degrees of severity successful each incident.

"Some incidents volition effect successful a punishment and thing more, immoderate incidents volition effect successful a punishment and harsher enactment - a misdeed bin... each incidental requires a effect based connected the grade and severity of the incident.

"In the lawsuit of Jared's incident, I deliberation determination is simply a beardown lawsuit that it was a beauteous blatant hold successful the play-the-ball. He had a mates of attempts to dilatory that peculiar play-the-ball and successful that tract position, with those circumstances past I person nary occupation with the enactment the referee took."

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At the clip of Waerea-Hargreaves' sin-binning, erstwhile NRL prima Braith Anasta besides felt referee Gerard Sutton's marching orders were a measurement excessively acold based connected the consistency argument.

"We person to beryllium accordant with this," Anasta said successful commentary.

"That's the problem. We don't spot that often and we haven't seen it overmuch astatine all."

Annesley made it wide that the NRL isn't funny successful a "one size fits all" ruling, declaring it's up to the on-field referee to marque a determination based connected the concern of the crippled and the discourse that surrounds the indiscretion.

Graham Annesley (Getty)

"There volition beryllium immoderate radical who volition accidental determination are different incidents successful that crippled and different games wherever akin enactment could beryllium taken," Annesley added.

"These are calls referees person to marque based connected however they justice the severity of that incident. The circumstances that use successful that time, is it a nonrecreational foul? An effort to halt a squad from scoring?

"Has it been arsenic a effect of a fig of incidents starring in? All of those factors play into a determination a referee needs to make.

"You can't use the 1 size fits each regularisation to immoderate of those incidents. They person to beryllium judged connected their merits."

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