Officer seriously wounded after dragged by vehicle

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CHICAGO (WLS) -- Slung implicit the shoulders of his colleagues, a Chicago constabulary serviceman hobbled to a adjacent SUV aft being earnestly wounded connected the South Side.

The serviceman had been deed and dragged by a car fleeing a postulation stop, according to police.

About 7 p.m., determination was an altercation betwixt an serviceman and an offender successful the 6300 artifact of South State Street, Chicago occurrence officials said.

The serviceman was past dragged by a conveyance for astir 40 feet, occurrence officials said.

Moments aft hitting the officer, Teccara Murphy said she saw the fleeing operator dangling from the car.

"He had his doorway unfastened similar helium was going to leap retired of the car," Murphy said.

"He was hanging retired of the car, yes, similar hanging," Nefatari Fowler added. "He trying to not clang himself, but hanging retired of the car."

Murphy said the operator sideswiped her SUV arsenic helium sped disconnected adjacent 63rd Street and Wabash.

"Flying up 63rd with the doorway wide unfastened and I thought possibly helium was going to get implicit but helium didn't. He really swerved into my lane, deed my car and continued. Flew astir the country similar a bat retired of hell," Murphy described.

"We seen him coming this mode and the doorway was already unfastened truthful it was more, 'what are you doing?' We were trying to swerve and get distant from him," Fowler said.

Police said officers had been conducting a postulation halt erstwhile the offender abruptly reversed and dragged the officer, pinning him betwixt the suspect's fleeing car and a viaduct.

This latest incidental comes during a chaotic and uncertain clip for Chicago police; and happened conscionable a fewer miles from wherever Officer Ella French was changeable and killed, and her spouse severely injured Saturday nighttime during a postulation stop.

Police recovered the achromatic Chevy impala not acold from the clang astatine 61st and Indiana, arsenic others helped different injured workfellow successful azygous to the aforesaid infirmary wherever French's spouse is dilatory recovering.

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