Olympics LIVE: 'Sook' star sorry about antics

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Slovenia megastar Luka Doncic has lamented his surly behaviour - branded "sooking" by a Boomers large - successful the men's hoops bronze medal crippled against Australia.

The Boomers won their first-ever Olympic medal connected Saturday nighttime by beating Slovenia 107-93. Captain Patty Mills was brilliant, scoring 42 points.

Doncic had 22 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists, but committed 7 turnovers arsenic Slovenia dropped its 2nd consecutive aft winning its archetypal 17 games successful contention with the Dallas Mavericks NBA superstar successful uniform.

Mills astatine points seemed to beryllium targeting Doncic connected defence, calling teammates implicit to acceptable a prime truthful the Slovenian leader would person to power onto him.

Doncic couldn't halt him and neither could his teammates, and the prima was noticeably frustrated passim the game. Wearing a covering implicit the near forearm oregon wrist helium wounded successful the semi-finals, helium often questioned officials' calls, putting himself retired of presumption to get backmost connected defence.

"Luka is simply a weapon subordinate but helium doesn't halt sooking," Boomer large Shane Heal wrote connected Twitter.

Opals fable Michele Timms wrote: "Love the mode Doncic has played this tourney but what a sook close now."

Doncic said the emotions came from the Slovenians' tendency to present a medal to their fans.

"This is not the mode I should behave," Doncic said. "I've got to larn from that."

He said that helium was different arrogant of Slovenia's tournament.

"I request to larn from this, we each request to larn from this," Doncic said. "But astatine the aforesaid time, we're successful the apical 4 successful the world. Slovenia, 2 cardinal people."

Mariya Lasitskene should person been present 5 years ago. Politics got successful the way. And it ate astatine her arsenic the Russian precocious jumper prepared for the Tokyo Games.

She was the reigning satellite champion heading into Rio de Janeiro. Then the Russian way federation was fundamentally banned from the 2016 Olympics arsenic portion of the fallout from a doping scandal.

"It has breached a batch of careers," Lasitskene said. "Partially mine,too."

Well, possibly not anymore.

The 28-year-old ended her agelong wait, and her country's too, by clearing 2.04m to borderline Australia's Nicola McDermott and springiness the squad representing the Russian Olympic Committee its archetypal golden of the week-long conscionable astatine a sweltering Olympic Stadium.

It didn't travel easy. Lasitskene ran into occupation astatine 1.96m, missing her archetypal 2 attempts earlier advancing. She smacked into the barroom during her archetypal jumps astatine 1.98m and 2.00m, too. Yet she persevered, mounting up a duel with the vibrant McDermott.

Raising her hands implicit her caput to impulse the sparse assemblage — comprised astir wholly of different athletes and assembled media — to clap successful rhythm, McDermott would grin and scream, "Let's Go" earlier taking ample looping strides toward the bar.

Lasitskene, by contrast, was each business. Nerves had started creeping up connected her agelong earlier she arrived successful Tokyo, good alert that this could beryllium her archetypal — and possibly lone — changeable astatine Olympic gold.

She did her champion to artifact it retired arsenic the contention wore on, adjacent though she knew the ROC teammates who had joined her successful Japan had struggled to find success. Another circular of sanctions against the Russians by World Athletics constricted ROC to conscionable 10 way athletes successful Tokyo. Eight days came and went and nary subordinate of the ROC squad made it to the apical of the podium.

"There was a spot of (pressure)," Lasitskene said. "I cognize what the work was laying connected my shoulders. And for this reason, I utilized each the effort I had to not wage attraction and to conscionable distract myself from it."

McDermott made definite to springiness her plentifulness other to deliberation about. They were the lone 2 jumpers to wide 2.02m. When the barroom was raised to 2.04, Lasitskene made it connected her 2nd try. McDermott astir matched her connected her 3rd and last attempt, lone to clip the bar.

Then, Lasitskene's stoicism vanished. She began jumping up and down earlier placing her caput successful her hands, a imagination deferred by the actions of others astatine agelong past realized.

The 28-year-old Lasitskene is the lone jumper — antheral oregon pistillate — to triumph 3 satellite championships. The victories successful 2017 and 2019 person travel portion she's recovered herself warring 2 battles astatine once. One connected the track. The different is against the enactment nether whose banner she competes.

Lasitskene has agelong been a vocal professional of the Russian way federation for its unwillingness to earnestly code its doping issues, though her code has softened since erstwhile federation president Dmitry Shlyakhtin resigned successful 2019. In an effort to region herself from the federation, she's spent astir of the past 5 years competing arsenic an authorized neutral athlete, a determination that meant she couldn't deterioration the colors of her homeland.

Her tracksuit connected Saturday nighttime looked familiar, successful tone if not successful reality, with the ROC crest replacing the Russian flag. She raced astir afterward, the ROC emblem — red, achromatic and bluish flames waving from supra the Olympic rings — trailing down her. The narration betwixt Russia and the IOC and World Athletics remains problematic.

For a blissful moment, that combat fell away, replaced by the joyousness of a medal agelong overdue.

Yaroslava Mahuchikh of Ukraine earned bronze. American Vashti Cunningham, the girl of erstwhile NFL backmost Randall Cunningham, made it implicit astatine 1.96 but could spell nary further and finished sixth.

Neeraj Chopra held a country of the India emblem successful each manus and raised it implicit his head.

A half-hour later, the tri-color was flying astatine the apical of the mast astatine Tokyo's Olympic Stadium and Chopra was lasting atop the medal podium, feeling connected apical of the world.

A archetypal golden medal successful Olympic way and tract for a federation of 1.3 billion, its archetypal successful immoderate sports since a shooting rubric successful 2008, had to beryllium origin for celebration.

Chopra won the javelin rubric astatine the Tokyo Games with a personal-best propulsion of 87.58m connected Saturday night, securing the rubric with a propulsion to spare.

"It feels unbelievable," helium said. "This is our archetypal Olympic medal for a precise agelong time, and successful athletics it is the archetypal clip we person gold, truthful it's a arrogant infinitesimal for maine and my country."

India's lone erstwhile medals successful Olympic way and tract were 2 silvers won by Norman Pritchard successful the 200 meters and the 200-meter hurdles astatine Paris successful 1900.

Historians person debated whether the results for Pritchard should beryllium recorded for India oregon Britain. He was calved successful India to a British assemblage family, moved to London earlier qualifying for the Paris Olympics and aboriginal moved to the U.S. and embarked connected an acting career.

There's nary disputing this one.

Chopra, a inferior serviceman successful the Indian service with the Rajputana Rifles, made his archetypal people connected planetary athletics with a satellite inferior rubric successful 2016. Two years later, helium became the archetypal Indian jock to triumph the javelin astatine the Asian Games and astatine the Commonwealth Games.

He acceptable a caller benchmark successful Tokyo, holding disconnected Jakub Vadlejch (86.67) and Vitezslav Vesely (85.44), some of the Czech Republic.

India has won 8 Olympic golden medals successful tract hockey, much than immoderate different nation, and the instrumentality of the men's squad to the medal podium astatine the Tokyo Games — a bronze — aft a 41-year drought prompted wide celebrations.

A archetypal golden medal successful way and tract is acceptable to marque Chopra a prima successful India.

It didn't instrumentality agelong earlier the rewards started flowing successful and helium was connected the telephone with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Cricket is the all-consuming athletics successful India, and each of its powerbrokers were watching.

Chopra was ranked 4th heading into the Olympics and had immoderate issues with his method successful the blistery and steamy conditions.

"But successful my 2nd propulsion I consciousness it's my PB," helium said. "Finally I'm an Olympic champion."

He knew there'd beryllium plentifulness of sports fans watching connected TV astatine home, flicking betwixt India's cricket trial lucifer successful England and the Olympics.

"So arrogant infinitesimal for India and for maine due to the fact that they're supporting maine a lot," said Chopra, the lad of a farming family. "Today they're each successful beforehand of the TV and they're supporting maine — truthful convey you India."

Former satellite champion Johannes Vetter of Germany was favoured to win, but placed ninth aft the archetypal 3 attempts and was retired of contention early. He had praise for Chopra.

"He's a truly talented guy, ever truly friendly," Vetter said. "I'm blessed for him."

Chopra said he'd fixed everything helium had successful the competition.

"I anticipation aft maine India tin triumph much medals successful athletics," helium said. "I don't person thing near — I gave my 100 per cent connected the field."

By the clip she reached the 65th and last thigh of her eight-day Olympic odyssey, Sifan Hassan's cervix had seized up and she couldn't crook her head. She could hardly respire and she couldn't consciousness her arms anymore.

As she neared the end, she couldn't spot decently and thought "why did they determination the decorativeness line?"

Her legs knew close wherever it was.

Deep into her sixth contention crossed 3 distances that covered much than 24 kilometers connected Tokyo's sweltering Olympic track, Hassan burst past world-record holder Letesenbet Gidey to triumph the 10,000m golden connected Saturday.

"I person ne'er gone heavy similar I person gone today," Hassan said.

No 1 has.

Two of her medals were golden — the 10,000 added to the 5,000 she won to footwear disconnected the Games. She besides won a bronze successful the 1,500, the contention that astir ended it each adjacent the commencement of the quest.

After the 10,000 win, Hassan was crying connected the medals stand. Crying for the wins, but besides for thing else.

"I'm truthful happy," she said. "I'm relieved. I'm finished. I tin sleep."

Gone now, Hassan said, were the "stupid nightmares" that kept waking her arsenic she fretted implicit whether she'd made a disastrous determination to effort each 3 events.

Who other would deliberation of specified a thing?

"There's thing incorrect with me," she said. "But I americium truly happy. Grateful."

Japan's players sprinted onto the mound and the postulation of All-Stars hoisted their manager up and down arsenic if connected a trampoline.

They beamed erstwhile hanging shiny golden medals astir each other's necks, fulfilling a nationalist ngo with the archetypal Olympic shot rubric successful their history.

American players didn't look overly upset. The released veterans, prospects and vocation insignificant leaguers thought they had fixed their best.

"I truly consciousness similar we near it each retired there," pitcher Nick Martinez said aft Japan eeked retired capable runs to triumph Saturday night's gold-medal crippled 2-0.

Munetaka Murakami, astatine 21 the youngest subordinate successful Japan's starting lineup, deed an opposite-field homer implicit the 16-foot partition successful left-centre connected a 2-2 transportation from Martinez (1-1) successful the third. Martinez winced arsenic the shot landed successful the 4th enactment of the bare bluish seats.

"I thought we had him acceptable up bully for a changeup there," Martinez said. "Just a bully portion of hitting."

Japan added an unearned tally successful the eighth erstwhile Tetsuto Yamada singled disconnected reliever Scott McGough starring off, Hayato Sakamoto sacrificed, Masataka Yoshida singled and centre fielder Jack López heaved the shot past the sheet for a run-scoring error.

Masato Morishita (2-0), a 23-year-old right-hander, gave up 3 hits implicit 5 innings, struck retired 5 and walked none.

Kodai Senga, Hiromi Itoh, Suguru Iwazaki and Ryoji Kuribayashi finished a six-hitter, and the Japanese men (5-0) matched the accomplishment of the women's softball team, which upended the Americans by the aforesaid people for their 2nd consecutive golden medal.

"They deserved to win," said US manager Mike Scioscia, denied successful his effort to lucifer the feat of his mentor, precocious Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, who led the US to the 2000 golden medal.

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