Olympics LIVE: Tears as rule ruins Games

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A bizarre regularisation successful modern pentathlon has near an jock successful tears, aft she plummeted from the golden medal presumption to past place.

Germany's Annika Schleu was starring the modern pentathlon - comprised of fencing, swimming, amusement jumping, shooting and moving - heading into the jumping event.

Yet successful modern pentathlon, athletes don't thrust their ain horses for amusement jumping. Instead, they get conscionable 20 minutes to enslaved with an unfamiliar equine that they're assigned for the competition.

It sounds similar a look for catastrophe and it surely was for Schleu. The German was hardly capable to get her gelding to prosecute and it jumped lone a fewer fences earlier abandoning. Schleu, who burst into tears midway done the ride, scored zero points and crashed from archetypal to last.

The carnal was ironically named Saint Boy and proved Schleu's idiosyncratic devil. The German finished 4th successful the lawsuit astatine Rio 2016 and her hopes of a medal successful Tokyo had been dashed successful the cruellest imaginable manner.

Former British pentathlete Heather Fell was horrified by the incident.

"Annika Schleu is having a real-life nightmare. It's hard to watch. It's hard to commentate," Fell said connected BBC commentary.

"Her look says it all. The assemblage don't truly cognize however to react. It is heartbreaking."

Schleu, a metallic medallist astatine the 2018 satellite championships, recovered somewhat successful the shooting and moving but her Games had been ruined. She finished 31st of 36 athletes, having topped the fencing rounds earlier the amusement jumping debacle.

Great Britain's Kate French won gold, Lithuania's Laura Asadauskaite metallic and Hungary's Sarolta Kovacs bronze.

Schleu wasn't unsocial successful being brought undone by her random horse. Ireland's Natalya Coyle was placed 4th earlier the amusement jumping, yet her equine baulked astatine respective jumps and she dropped to 19th successful what was her last Olympics.

"It's truly disappointing," said Coyle. "It's not however I wanted to extremity my career.

"I accidental it's conscionable added disappointment due to the fact that to beryllium 3rd successful events and to beryllium truthful adjacent and to consciousness similar it's a spot snatched distant from you, it's truly disappointing.

"That's pentathlon, unfortunately. I knew it was going to beryllium pugnacious erstwhile I watched the archetypal rider not get astir truthful I knew that was truly tough.

"I thought I had made a bully program and it worked a batch successful the arena but helium conscionable didn't privation to spell adjacent it.

"One of the fences beforehand, it was my responsibility - I should person checked before. But I thought it was each going OK and past it [the horse] stopped and past it stopped again."

Australia's Chloe Esposito was the defending champion successful the event, having won golden astatine Rio 2016, but did not vie successful Tokyo.

Esposito held the Olympic grounds of 1372 points aft her triumph 5 years agone but it was breached by French, who recorded 1385.

Janja Garnbret has won aggregate satellite championships, dominated the World Cup circuit, tackled outdoor routes fewer others climbers would see adjacent attempting.

Now she's an Olympic champion.

The statement implicit climbing's GOAT is over.

Garnbret lived up to her billing arsenic the world's champion pistillate climber, dominating astatine the Tokyo Games connected Friday nighttime to gain Olympic gold.

"A batch of radical person said that," Garnbret said. "Now I tin accidental that myself."

Garnbert finished 5th successful the velocity discipline, her weakest event, past topped 2 of 3 "problems" to triumph bouldering. She capped a muggy nighttime astatine Aomi Urban Sports Park by reaching 37 holds to triumph pb and wrapper up gold.

The six-time satellite champion finished with 5 points — the full of her finishes multiplied unneurotic — to triumph by 31 points.

"This is the archetypal clip climbing is successful the Olympics and it's the archetypal Olympic golden medal, truthful this means a batch to me," she said. "And I cognize however overmuch I enactment in."

How overmuch of a rout was it?

Japanese teammates Miho Nonaka and Akiyo Noguchi, 2 of Garnbret's apical challengers for gold, were near looking mode up astatine Garnbret successful the standings. Nonaka finished with 36 points to instrumentality metallic and Noguchi had 48 to instrumentality bronze.

A bully showing for the location country, conscionable not capable to apical Garnbret's brilliance.

The inclusion of velocity successful climbing's Olympic debut was met with pushback by astir of the competitory climbing community.

The IOC is lone awarding 2 medals successful Tokyo, 1 for each gender, and wanted thing accelerated moving to drawback TV viewers' attention. The determination didn't beryllium good due to the fact that velocity is simply a specialty subject and including it successful the Olympic programme was similar asking marathoners to besides tally a sprint if they privation to medal.

The mentation heading into Tokyo was that the apical pb and boulder climbers would basal the champion accidental by winning 1 of those 2 disciplines to offset a debased decorativeness successful speed.

Alberto Ginés Lopéz tossed that reasoning disconnected the wall, riding his triumph successful velocity to the men's golden medal. He besides happened to bash good successful the different 2 disciplines, finishing seventh successful pb and 4th successful bouldering.

Adam Ondra, considered the world's champion men's climber, finished 5th of 7 climbers successful velocity and ended up sixth overall.

Garnbret is simply a batch similar Ondra successful that velocity is her weakest discipline, but really had a decent velocity decorativeness successful the finals, winning 2 races to instrumentality fifth.

Then she showed wherefore she's considered the world's champion climber.

"Once I was fifth, it opened everything up for me," Garnbret said.

Blessed with a puzzle-solving caput and the diversion quality to propulsion the pieces together, she's won six satellite championships since 2016. She was the archetypal pistillate to triumph 2 disciplines astatine 1 satellite championships, successful 2018, and had a cleanable 2019 World Cup season, winning each six bouldering events.

Once successful Tokyo, she made the Olympic bouldering "problems" look similar playground instrumentality successful qualifying, topping each 4 successful 1 pass.

Determined not to beryllium shown up again, the way setters turned diabolical for the finals, mounting up 3 problems that sent climbers disconnected like, well, boulders.

Not Garnbret.

She request 4 attempts, but completed the archetypal boulder and "flashed" the 2nd one, topping it successful 1 try. The 3rd occupation was excessively overmuch for adjacent Garnbret, but winning bouldering enactment her successful the all-around lead.

No problem.

Garnbret grabbed 2 much holds than anyone other to triumph pb and prove, yet again, she's the queen of the artificial wall.

"If I ever thought I was nether unit astatine World Cups oregon satellite championships, the Olympics are truthful different," Garnbret said. "This is truthful overmuch pressure."

Unfortunately for the remainder of the climbers, Garnbret thrives nether pressure. That's wherefore she's climbing's GOAT.

Christine Sinclair yet has her title.

The 38-year-old, long-time skipper of the Canadian squad has much planetary goals than immoderate different player, antheral oregon female. But a large tourney title had eluded her.

Until now.

Canada clinched the Olympic golden medal by winning a punishment shootout 3-2 against Sweden aft a 1-1 gully successful Friday's last astatine the Tokyo Games.

It was the archetypal large tourney rubric for the Canadians, who were the bronze medalists astatine London successful 2012 and astatine Rio de Janeiro 5 years ago.

"I mean, it adjacent looks prettier," Sinclair said, holding up the golden medal.

Canadian goalkeeper Stephanie Labbe stopped Jonna Andersson successful the shootout to marque mode for Julia Grosso, a 20-year-old subordinate for the University of Texas, who bushed Sweden goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl to triumph it.

The Canadian players mobbed Grosso connected the field, and Sinclair raised her arms successful triumph earlier leaping atop her teammates.

"I honestly cannot adjacent judge what conscionable happened," said Sinclair, who has 187 vocation goals. "For the past 40 days, we had a extremity to travel successful present and alteration the colour of the medal and we landed connected apical of the podium. Just specified an grant to beryllium portion of this group."

It was the 2nd consecutive metallic medal for the Swedes, who were besides aiming for their archetypal rubric successful a large tournament. They mislaid 2-1 to Germany astatine Rio successful 2016.

Stina Blackstenius gave Sweden the pb successful the 34th minute, but Jessie Fleming equalised with a punishment footwear successful the 67th earlier the crippled went to other time.

"I americium trying to not consciousness it, aftermath up from this atrocious dream," Sweden's seasoned goalkeeper Lindahl said. "Congratulations to Canada, they defended well. That was our golden to lose."

Canada manager Bev Priestman had said the people for this Olympics was to alteration the colour of the medal, which the Canadians were assured of doing aft their 1-0 semifinal triumph implicit the United States. It was Canada's archetypal triumph implicit their North American rivals since 2001.

Canada and Sweden some made requests to determination the lucifer retired of interest for subordinate safety. The petition was lone granted precocious Thursday, a determination made easier due to the fact that coronavirus restrictions kept fans away.

Sweden took an aboriginal vantage erstwhile Blackstenius' changeable disconnected a transverse from Kosovare Asllani appeared to glimpse disconnected Canada's Gilles earlier sailing past Labbe's outstretched arms.

It was her seventh vocation goals successful the Olympics, including 5 successful Japan.

Sinclair appealed for a punishment aft Amanda Ilestedt clipped her with her near ft from behind. After a VAR review, Canada was awarded the punishment and Fleming duly made it 1-1.

Sweden had a accidental to spell up precocious successful regularisation but Kadeisha Buchanan got to Asllani's changeable conscionable successful clip successful the 89th.

Lina Hurtig fto retired a scream, heard passim the bare stadium successful the 111th minute, erstwhile she missed conscionable wide with a header disconnected a country from Asllani.

Fleming made Canada's archetypal footwear successful the shootout, but Ashley Lawrence, Vanessa Gillies and Adriana Leon each failed to convert.

Asllani deed the station with Sweden's archetypal kick, and Nathalie Bjorn and Olivia Schough built a 2-1 Sweden lead. Anna Anvegard's changeable was saved by Labbe and, with a accidental to triumph the gold, Caroline Seger sent her footwear implicit the crossbar.

Canada's Deanne Rose made it 2-2 earlier Andersson's adjacent changeable for Sweden was saved by Labbe, diving to her left.

"The Olympics is wild. There's games back-to-back-to-back, but it's been truly incredible," said Canada midfielder Quinn, who became the archetypal openly transgender idiosyncratic to vie successful the Olympics.

"This squad has been moving truthful hard unneurotic for truthful long. These are my champion friends, my champion mates, and truthful honestly, it's been a blast."

Sinclair joked astir however she felt her 38 years pursuing a gruelling match, but she wouldn't accidental whether it was clip to bent up her boots.

"I headed into this tourney knowing I'm not making a determination retired of joy, oregon sadness, depending however this tourney went," she said. "It's not however I marque decisions. So who knows? I mean, there's a World Cup retired there."

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