Opinion: Pandemic Exposes GOP Hypocrisy On Republicans’ Signature Policies

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There are nary much identifying issues Republicans assertion arsenic their own than being fierce pro-life advocates and as being champions against government interfering with businesses. However, implicit the past fewer months during a nasty resurgence of the dreaded COVID-19 plague Republicans person belied their adherence to those signature policies for governmental gain.

No uncertainty galore Americans are alert of the emblematic Republican hypocrisy erstwhile it comes to, say, blowing up the shortage to supply taxation cuts for corporations and the wealthy, and past reversing people erstwhile Democrats privation to walk to assistance the American people. But the Republicans’ flagrant disregard for living, breathing American citizens and attempts to power backstage businesses for governmental summation is simply a nonstop effect of the pandemic.

Last week a premier illustration of Republican hypocrisy came from a premier illustration of a hypocritical malcontent who ardently believes spiritual Republicans and spiritual employers person the spiritual state to marque aesculapian decisions for women regarding their reproductive health.

Cruz was talking astir vaccine and disguise mandates enactment successful spot to support nationalist health, not women’s reproductive rights. But his assertion that aesculapian decisions constitute an idiosyncratic state contented between an idiosyncratic and their doctor are prescient in exposing his blatant hypocrisy. He told CNBC during an interview:

 I judge successful idiosyncratic freedom. I judge successful idiosyncratic responsibility. So I don’t deliberation anyone should marque you instrumentality the vaccine. I don’t deliberation the authorities should, and I don’t deliberation your leader should. I deliberation you ought to person the prime to marque your ain aesculapian decisions with your doctor. 

Cruz was making the precise argument successful enactment of a woman’s close to choose her ain reproductive health; an statement the spiritual Republicans assertion is simply a non-starter regarding women’s reproductive rights due to the fact that religion.

Contrast that connection to 1 Cruz made during an interrogation with Catholic news web EWTN successful 2016. He said:

I am unequivocally pro-life, I judge that each beingness is simply a precious acquisition from God that needs to beryllium protected from the infinitesimal of conception until the infinitesimal of earthy death.”

If a zygote beingness needs to beryllium protected, arsenic Cruz claimed successful 2016, then wherefore successful dog’s sanction is he warring bony and nail to prohibition disguise and vaccine mandates that beryllium solely to support existent breathing, surviving beings; particularly school-age children that really respire aerial and conscionable the biblical explanation of a surviving being?

And, if helium ardently believes in idiosyncratic state regarding an idiosyncratic making aesculapian decisions with one’s doctor, then wherefore is helium truthful intent connected eliminating that “freedom” from women erstwhile it comes to their reproductive health?

Of course the reply is helium is simply a flaming hypocrite who throws astir “individual freedom” erstwhile it suits whatever horrible argumentation helium thinks volition triumph him electoral support. It is apt that Cruz cares arsenic small about idiosyncratic freedom as helium does children’s lives.

It isn’t conscionable Cruz who betrays his alleged “pro-life” bona fides. In Florida and Texas, the Republican governors who judge that “all life is precious” and warrant government protection for a single-called zygote are purposely endangering school children with bans connected disguise mandates successful schools.

In respect to Republicans’ alleged content successful the laissez-faire economical strategy wherever businesses are allowed to run without immoderate interference from the government, some Texas and Florida’s governments wantonness that signature contented erstwhile it benefits them politically.

Both states are punishing corporations for not toeing the Republican enactment that nary entity can boycott Israel for immoderate reason, and Florida’s politician has taken the interfering with concern to a new level.

DeSantis attempted to prohibition a cruise vessel from requiring passengers to deterioration masks and person vaccinations anterior to boarding the ship adjacent though the requirements were purely to support passengers’ wellness and lives; actions that had nary interaction connected the COVID-spreading politician oregon Floridians.

DeSantis’ enactment was purely governmental and appropriately struck down by the courts. His actions were besides contrary to the Republicans’ stance that authorities has nary concern oregon close to ever interfere with backstage enterprise. DeSantis is arsenic hypocritical arsenic Cruz.

It is excessively atrocious that being a hypocrite, similar being pathological liars, is not banned successful the Constitution oregon punishable by the transgression justness system. However, these flagrant examples of gross Republican hypocrisy volition travel backmost to deed them quadrate successful their hypocritical faces if advocates for women’s rights and enacting regulations to support the public remember however Republicans reacted during the pandemic.

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