Pelosi Announces That House Staffers Will Now Be Able to Earn Higher Salaries Than Members of Congress

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced that House staffers volition present beryllium capable to gain higher salaries than the members of Congress for whom they work.

Staff salaries person remained mostly stagnant implicit the past decade. However, Pelosi’s bid present means that the wage headdress for House staffers volition beryllium $199,300, up from the maximum wage of $173,900 successful 2020 for some the House and Senate. This places immoderate apical staffers successful the presumption wherever they’ll marque much wealth than their bosses.

“This bid volition assistance the Congress enlistee and clasp the outstanding and divers endowment that we need, arsenic it besides helps guarantee parity betwixt employees of the House of Representatives and different employees of the national government,” Pelosi wrote successful the announcement.

“This important enactment follows steps taken implicit the past 2 Congress to marque the House much inclusive, open, and typical of the afloat scope of voices and values of our communities.  These steps see establishing the House Office of Diversity and Inclusion and taking enactment to found the Select Committee connected the Modernization of Congress,” she added. “The determination to rise the maximum yearly complaint of wage was recommended by the Chair of the Committee connected House Administration Zoe Lofgren.  Furthermore, it builds connected the enactment of the Select Committee connected the Modernization of Congress, which nether Chairman Derek Kilmer, has cautiously reviewed and held hearings connected this contented and related matters. ”

An analysis conducted by the Congressional Research Service recovered that if members of Congress had received each scheduled automatic cost-of-living accommodation acceptable by a 1989 morals law, their 2021 wage level would beryllium $218,600.

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