Phil Spencer Impressed With Steam Deck, Confirms xCloud Functionality

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Valve’s Steam Deck has impressed a batch of radical since its reveal. After all, the institution efficaciously designed its ain mentation of the Switch to play your Steam room connected the go. That’s beauteous cool, and it’s proven to beryllium rather a gully fixed its pre-order frenzy, and aboriginal hands-on impressions person been mostly positive. Xbox brag Phil Spencer is among those who got to instrumentality the instrumentality for a trial drive, and helium precocious expressed his happiness with the product, peculiarly successful however good it runs Microsoft-published software.

Spencer tweeted that he’s been messing astir with the Steam Deck for astir of past week and precocious visited Valve to sermon the handheld with laminitis Gabe Newell and different employees. He praised Steam Deck’s playability and surface prime portion besides mentioning that games specified arsenic Halo and Age of Empires performed well. He besides drops that xCloud, Microsoft’s unreality gaming service, seemingly functions arsenic intended connected the instrumentality arsenic well. 

Was @valvesoftware this week talking w/ Scott, Erik, Gabe astir Steam Deck. After having excavation astir of the week I tin accidental it's a truly bully device. Games with maine connected the go, surface size, controls each great. Playing Halo and Age feels good, xCloud works well. Congrats SD team. - Phil Spencer

Since the Steam Deck is fundamentally a handheld gaming PC, Valve has already confirmed that you tin instal Windows and different third-party bundle connected it should you take to (the hardware runs connected Linux retired of the box). Installing Windows means that you could usage Xbox Game Pass for PC, giving you portable entree to games disposable connected that work connected apical of your Steam library. Of course, determination could ever beryllium operator enactment and compatibility issues, but that’s inactive rather the bonus. Spencer’s confirmation that xCloud works with the instrumentality lone sweetens the pot. 

Steam Deck pre-orders went unrecorded past month, with customers putting down $5 to reserve 1 of its 3 models. Orders are expected to statesman shipping successful December and volition rotation retired successful waves passim 2022. You tin inactive pre-order the device, but don’t expect it to get anytime soon, arsenic units are shipped successful the bid that they're reserved. While it tin play conscionable astir everything connected Steam, immoderate titles person already been confirmed to not enactment connected the device. You tin work the afloat database of incompatible games here. Whenever you bash get your handheld, whether that beryllium aboriginal this twelvemonth oregon sometime successful 2022, you’ll astir apt privation to cognize however to marque the astir of it. We’ve got you covered by assembling a database of the best titles to play connected the Steam Deck erstwhile it arrives.

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