Police: 4 people shot in drive-by shooting

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police accidental 4 radical were changeable successful a drive-by shooting successful North Philadelphia Wednesday night. It happened astir 10 p.m. astatine Germantown and Erie Avenues.

Police judge this shooting happened astatine a makeshift sidewalk merchantability wherever radical were selling apparel and shoes and different akin items.

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Two of the victims — a 34-year-old man, and different antheral — are successful captious condition.

Police accidental an 18-year-old pistillate believed to beryllium an guiltless bystander was changeable successful some legs and is successful unchangeable condition.

A 33-year-old antheral who was changeable is besides successful unchangeable condition.

The country wherever this shooting happened is simply a precise engaged area. There are businesses with surveillance cameras connected some sides of the street.

There are besides real-time transgression cameras astatine that intersection.

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“We recovered 3 spent ammunition casings,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said. “The lone crushed we recovered conscionable the three, we believe, that this whitethorn beryllium a drive-by and the different spent ammunition casings are successful the conveyance wherever the shots were being fired from.”

Police besides recovered a gun, and they’re investigating 2 vehicles that were utilized to instrumentality immoderate of the victims to the hospital. One of them has respective slug holes successful it.

Police besides recovered what appears to beryllium a ample magnitude of marijuana, astir a pound, successful that vehicle.

The idiosyncratic who was driving it is present being questioned.

“We don’t cognize if that was 1 of the shooters but we judge the idiosyncratic who dropped that gun, we person successful custody. We’re conscionable not definite if that idiosyncratic is 1 of the shooters oregon conscionable had a limb and dropped it connected the country earlier leaving the country but we judge we person that idiosyncratic successful custody,” Small said.

So far, determination person been nary arrests oregon motive for this latest circular of weapon violence.

For a database of weapon unit resources successful Philadelphia, click here.

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CBS3’s Jan Carabeo and Alecia Reid contributed to this report. 

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