Republican Crime Hits A New Low As Teen Arrested For Helping GOP Strategist Sex Trafficker

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A teen who was the seat of her university’s section of the College Republicans has been arrested for helping a Republican strategist with enactment trafficking young girls.

The Daily Beast reported:

Law enforcement successful Florida has arrested Gisela Castro Medina, a 19-year-old accused of helping a wealthy, young Republican strategist successful Minnesota prey connected girls and enlistee them for paid sex.

She faces the aforesaid transgression charges arsenic her alleged pal, GOP operative Anton Lazzaro: enactment trafficking of a minor, effort to perpetrate enactment trafficking, and obstruction of justice.

The Culture Of Crime In The Republican Party Did Not Start With Trump

It was the Republican Party’s deficiency of interest astir morals and criminality that allowed Trump to instrumentality implicit the enactment with hardly a whimper from the majority.

The lone quality betwixt the contiguous and the past is that Donald Trump attracts a transgression constituent wherever helium goes, and the failed erstwhile president made it acceptable for Republican criminality to beryllium retired successful the open.

The GOP is rotting from the wrong out, and the 30-year-old strategist enactment trafficker and his 19-year-old accomplice are impervious that the enactment is gathering a caller adjacent procreation of crime.

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