Robinson blasts NRL over controversial sin bin

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Roosters manager Trent Robinson has called for the referees to amusement "consistency" aft Jared Waerea-Hargreaves was controversially sent to the misdeed bin during the Tricolours' 20-14 nonaccomplishment to Penrith tonight.

Late successful the archetypal fractional with the Roosters trailing by 2 points astatine the time, the Panthers recovered themselves successful attacking territory aft marching up the tract connected the backmost of 2 six-again calls.

But moments aft Penrith received their 2nd acceptable restart, Waerea-Hargreaves was penalised and sent to the misdeed bin for holding down Panthers guardant Scott Sorenson, who was conscionable metres distant from the try-line.

While the punishment telephone connected Waerea-Hargreaves was warranted, the determination to nonstop him disconnected for 10 minutes came arsenic a astonishment to many, including the Roosters guardant who was picked up connected the on-field microphone saying, "That's a spot rough, Jerry," to referee Gerard Sutton.

It was a determination that besides didn't beryllium good with erstwhile NRL prima Braith Anasta, who was stunned the telephone was made.

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves is sent to the misdeed bin (Getty)

"He has (held him down) but we person to beryllium accordant with this," said Fox League's Braith Anasta.

"That's the problem. We don't spot that often and we haven't seen it overmuch astatine all."

Robinson was asked astir the telephone aft the match, successful which helium urged the NRL to beryllium accordant aft helium felt the Panthers got distant with a akin incidental precocious successful the match.

The Roosters manager said the NRL has "talked about" sin-binning players for offences akin to Waerea-Hargreaves, but claims "it's ne'er been executed that way."

"It's ne'er been played retired that way, It was marque caller again tonight.

"Liam Martin, we a had line-break - it happened close astatine the extremity of the crippled and thing was done.

NRL Highlights: The Panthers borderline retired the Roosters successful a thriller - Round 21

"Consistency has to beryllium there. If you're going to telephone it, past telephone it each azygous crippled and each azygous week.

"If they privation to enactment connected it, past enactment connected the 1 astatine the extremity of the crippled arsenic good erstwhile we marque a interruption and idiosyncratic lies successful the ruck. You've got to person the kahunas to marque a telephone there.

"If they're going to bash it successful that game, past we're going to spot it each azygous crippled and that's good due to the fact that past they volition halt lying successful the ruck aft that play of time."

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