Rudy Giuliani Has a New Strategy to Pay His Legal Bills: Recording Messages on Cameo

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It is important for immoderate lawyer taking connected a lawsuit to beryllium assured that the lawsuit tin spend their services. Donald Trump has a agelong past of not paying his contractors.

Still, for immoderate reason, Giuliani felt that Trump would beryllium a bully idiosyncratic to enactment for. But arsenic of now, Trump has refused to wage his ineligible fees. So the erstwhile New York City Mayor has travel up with a caller strategy.

Giuliani tweeted to his supporters (how successful the satellite is helium inactive connected Twitter), “Good news: I privation to link with YOU connected Cameo — Now taking each Cameo requests!.”


There was besides a recorded connection wherever Giuliani said, “Hi I’m Rudy Giuliani and I’m connected Cameo. If determination is an contented you privation to sermon oregon a communicative you’d similar to perceive oregon stock with me, oregon a greeting that I tin bring to idiosyncratic that would bring happiness to their day, I would beryllium delighted to bash it. It tin beryllium arranged, we tin speech done the magic of Cameo.”

This is an unthinkable autumn from grace for 1 of the astir salient politicians of the aboriginal 2000’s. At 1 point, the erstwhile New York City Mayor was making millions of dollars a twelvemonth successful speaking fees. Those days, however, are agelong implicit for Giuliani.

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