Selma Blair opens up about life with multiple sclerosis in emotional documentary trailer

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(CNN)Selma Blair believed she was "shooting the last days of (her) life" astatine 1 constituent during the filming of an upcoming documentary pursuing her conflict with multiple sclerosis (MS), a trailer for the movie reveals.

The actress, champion known for her enactment successful films similar "Cruel Intentions" and "Legally Blonde," was diagnosed with the information successful 2018.

"Introducing, Selma Blair," directed by Rachel Fleit, explores Blair's travel of idiosyncratic acceptance and resilience arsenic her information progresses.

    The two-minute trailer, released Thursday, begins with the histrion walking cautiously down a formation of stairs successful her home, arsenic she says successful the voiceover: "I ever thought I was connected a world show."

      "Like I was successful a documentary, but lone God would spot it and disapprove," she added portion getting to the bottommost of the stairs and striking a airs successful the mirror.

      There are moments erstwhile the 49-year-old star's wit gives mode to quiescent reflection arsenic she shares her video diaries changeable successful the infirmary portion undergoing chemotherapy.

      "I was told to marque plans for dying," Blair said successful the trailer. "Not due to the fact that I person MS, due to the fact that I'm warring MS."

      When Blair archetypal revealed her diagnosis successful 2018, she said she had been experiencing symptoms for years, starring her to judge she mightiness person had the illness for much than a decade.

      "I person Multiple Sclerosis. I americium successful an exacerbation," she wrote successful an Instagram station astatine the time.

      "I americium disabled. I autumn sometimes. I driblet things. My representation is foggy. And my near broadside is asking for directions from a breached GPS. But we are doing it."

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        According to the Mayo Clinic, aggregate sclerosis is simply a lifelong information that affects the encephalon and spinal cord and causes the immune strategy to onslaught the protective sheath (myelin) that covers nervus fibers. This tin pb to problems with vision, limb oregon limb movement, sensation, oregon balance.

        "Introducing, Selma Blair" volition debut successful theaters connected October 15 earlier it becomes disposable connected the Discovery+ streaming work connected October 21.

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