Silver Prices Are Set to Rally Again. Here’s When You Should Buy.

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Updated August 6, 2021 / Original August 5, 2021

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A 27.80 troy ounce metallic bullion bar. Silver prices are expected to rally successful the fall.

Silver prices look acceptable to signifier a double-digit percent rally successful the fall. However, experts accidental investors should hold for a apt dip successful prices implicit the adjacent fewer weeks earlier snapping up a stash of the metal.

“Our presumption is that metallic is susceptible to a question of selling successful August and into September,” Jeff Christian, managing spouse of New York–based commodities consulting steadfast CPM Group tells Barron’s. “If you spot $24 an ounce prices, past bargain it due to the fact that the probability is that we’ll spot $28 soon. And ultimately, it will...

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