'Sook' superstar sorry for antics against Boomers

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Slovenia megastar Luka Doncic has lamented his surly behaviour - branded "sooking" by a Boomers large - successful the men's hoops bronze medal crippled against Australia.

The Boomers won their first-ever Olympic medal connected Saturday nighttime by beating Slovenia 107-93. Captain Patty Mills was brilliant, scoring 42 points.

Doncic had 22 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists, but committed 7 turnovers arsenic Slovenia dropped its 2nd consecutive aft winning its archetypal 17 games successful contention with the Dallas Mavericks NBA superstar successful uniform.

Patty Mills (Getty)

Mills astatine points seemed to beryllium targeting Doncic connected defence, calling teammates implicit to acceptable a prime truthful the Slovenian leader would person to power onto him.

Doncic couldn't halt him and neither could his teammates, and the prima was noticeably frustrated passim the game. Wearing a covering implicit the near forearm oregon wrist helium wounded successful the semi-finals, helium often questioned officials' calls, putting himself retired of presumption to get backmost connected defence.

"Luka is simply a weapon subordinate but helium doesn't halt sooking," Boomer large Shane Heal wrote connected Twitter.

Opals fable Michele Timms wrote: "Love the mode Doncic has played this tourney but what a sook close now."

Doncic said the emotions came from the Slovenians' tendency to present a medal to their fans.

"This is not the mode I should behave," Doncic said. "I've got to larn from that."

Luka Doncic of Slovenia reacts successful disbelief to a telephone during the 2nd fractional of the Men's Basketball Bronze medal crippled against Australia. (Getty)

He said that helium was different arrogant of Slovenia's tournament.

"I request to larn from this, we each request to larn from this," Doncic said. "But astatine the aforesaid time, we're successful the apical 4 successful the world. Slovenia, 2 cardinal people."

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