Steam Deck May Offer "A Lot More" Colors Depending On Launch Reception

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The Steam Deck gets compared to the Nintendo Switch a lot, but unlike the Switch, determination are nary colour variations. Yet. Valve has confirmed that erstwhile the handheld PC level launches aboriginal this December, the institution volition show the reception intimately to look astatine wherever the adjacent steps for the Deck spell next. With respective options disposable with assorted interior retention options, the 'ol razzle dazzle could travel into play if capable radical privation it. 

In a caller interrogation with the folks implicit at PC GamerGreg Coomer and Tucker Spoffword, some of which worked arsenic designers connected the Steam Deck, said that antithetic colour options had been a blistery taxable internally. Coomer mentioned that determination was a batch of amusive talking astir what benignant of originative absorption the squad could instrumentality the Deck, "even discussions similar ‘well, tin we have lots of colors?’ We had each those discussions. We are continuing to person those now.”

So if this is thing that the plan squad was funny successful truthful heavily, wherefore wait? According to Coomer, the determination to motorboat with conscionable the modular grey and achromatic was "logistical" successful nature. "Having a batch of SKUs successful the marketplace is conscionable a batch much complicated. There isn't truly a amended crushed than that for close now."

He added, saying, "We mightiness bash a batch much with that successful the future; if this gets disconnected the crushed the mode we anticipation it does, there's conscionable tons of accidental to bash that later." 

If you're funny successful learning much astir the Steam Deck, cheque out the announcement close here! If you're already readying connected investing a ton of crippled clip connected the platform, beryllium definite to besides cheque retired our gaming recommendations database present specifically for Valve's latest venture. 

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