Students reunite with teacher 40 years later

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INDIANAPOLIS — Milton Allen opened Computer Kids astatine the country of 46th Street and College Avenue successful the aboriginal 1980s.

The extremity of the concern was to thatch children astir computers astatine an aboriginal age. Allen besides hoped to calm the fears surrounding the emerging technology.

1981: Teaching Kids About Computers

Former WRTV newsman Derrik Thomas spoke with Allen astir that fearfulness successful a study primitively filed connected July 20, 1981.

“A batch of parents are fearful, but there’s nary existent crushed to beryllium fearful of a computer,” Allen said. “It’s benignant of similar a mechanic of immoderate sort, teaching kids to usage the close tools to get the close tally of the program. To marque the happening bash what they privation it to and it’s a clump of symbols and codes. It tin beryllium rather elemental for kids simply due to the fact that they don’t person the intelligence blocks arsenic adults do.”

Also featured successful the study were brothers Josh and Luke Morehead. The brace lived successful the vicinity and were among Allen’s archetypal students.

WRTV precocious tracked down some brothers to find retired what they are doing today.

Luke Morehead earned a grade successful electrical engineering and yet started his ain machine consulting business. He is presently the Director of Technology for the IHSAA.

Luke said seeing the communicative brought backmost galore memories of Milton Allen.

“It’s been specified a blessing successful my beingness conscionable to person that enactment to person an big mentor extracurricular of the household that we could look up to and respect,” Luke said.

Josh Morehead is present an technologist and helium credits Allen for helping him turn his skillset.

“You look backmost astatine increasing up astatine what influenced america for our vocation and our lives, immoderate of the skillsets helium was processing person been a tremendous plus to maine arsenic I started my vocation successful engineering and programme management,” Josh said.

As for Milton Allen, helium present calls Georgia home. Allen precocious visited the Hoosier authorities and WRTV arranged a astonishment reunion 40 years successful the making.



Allen was beyond elated to spot his erstwhile students.

“It brought tears to my eyes to spot these guys," Allen said. "It's been 40 years present they travel locomotion it up and I person grey hairsbreadth similar mine. I didn't expect this. It has made my twelvemonth period respective years!”

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