Texas GOP Official Who Supported Burning Masks Dies of Covid-19

2 months ago 19
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H. Scott Apley, a subordinate of the Galveston County Republican Party, died of Covid-19.

In his past Facebook post, Apley shared a screenshot of a Twitter station mocking Covid-19.

“In 6 months, we’ve gone from the vax ending the pandemic, to you tin inactive get Covid adjacent if vaxxed, to you tin walk Covid onto others adjacent if vaxxed, to you tin inactive dice of Covid adjacent if vaxxed, to the unvaxxed are sidesplitting the vaxxed,” the station read.

Apley shared different Facebook posts showing enactment for burning masks. He besides criticized vaccine incentives.

Apley was admitted to a Galveston infirmary 2 days aft that station with pneumonia-like symptoms. He thereafter tested affirmative for Covid-19 and was placed connected a ventilator, dying soon afterward.

It is with an highly dense bosom that we stock the quality of the decease of H Scott Apley, our friend, our Patriot successful Arms, our State Republican Executive Committeeman, Precinct Chair, Dickinson City Council Member,” the Galveston County Republican Party wrote connected Facebook. “A tragedy. Please commune for Melissa and Reid and their family. God remains successful power though this is yet different pugnacious 1 to swallow.”

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