Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Who Has Let COVID go Unchecked for Months, Is Requesting Out-of-State Medical Staff

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Governor Greg Abbott has cared overmuch much astir warring the COVID civilization warfare than astir keeping radical safe. Like Ron DeSantis, the Texas lawmaker has banned disguise mandates successful his state.

Abbott’s bureau said successful a statement, “Governor Abbott has been wide that we indispensable trust connected idiosyncratic responsibility, not authorities mandates. Every Texan has a close to take for themselves and their children whether they volition deterioration masks, unfastened their businesses, oregon get vaccinated.

And Texas, similar Florida, has seen a immense spike successful COVID cases, overmuch of it acknowledgment to the attitudes of radical similar Abbott. And now, the Republican is asking for aesculapian enactment from out-of-state to assistance with the immense lawsuit load.

The New York Times Jesus Jimenez tweeted today, “Breaking: Gov. Greg Abbott announces Texas volition beryllium seeking out-of-state wellness attraction unit to assistance with the latest surge, and helium is asking hospitals to voluntarily postpone elective aesculapian procedures.”


In the statement, Abbott besides asked his constituents to get their shots. “The State of Texas is taking enactment to combat the caller emergence successful COVID-19 cases and guarantee that our hospitals and communities person the resources and enactment they request to mitigate the virus. Texans tin assistance bolster our efforts by getting vaccinated against COVID-19. The COVID-19 vaccine is harmless and effective, and it is our champion defence against this virus.”

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