The Ascent Patch Brings Ray Tracing To Windows Players

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The Ascent is simply a solid experience that, unfortunately, wasn’t created adjacent crossed each platforms. The cyberpunk co-op shooter is disposable connected Steam arsenic good arsenic Xbox platforms, including Game Pass for console and PC. However, players rapidly discovered that features contiguous successful the Steam version, specified arsenic ray tracing and DLSS, were missing from the Game Pass version. The acquisition has besides suffered from galore bugs. Players are justifiably miffed astir the full thing, and developer Neon Giant has taken the archetypal measurement successful righting the vessel by releasing a spot aimed astatine correcting a fig of issues.

A caller spot is present unrecorded for Steam players and volition beryllium coming to Windows 10 and Xbox “shortly”, according to Neon Giant’s spot notes. You tin work the afloat database of fixes here, but immoderate large fixes include:

  • Fixes to amended show successful DX12, besides with ray tracing (Steam & Windows 10 only)
  • Ray Tracing is present disposable to players connected the Windows Store 
  • Introduced a caller strategy to circumvent situations wherever prevention files could go corrupted.
  • Fixes to situations successful co-op wherever the big leaving the crippled could origin the lawsuit to suffer progress.

This spot should hopefully marque The Ascent a amended acquisition due to the fact that it decidedly has immoderate bully ideas. In his review, Game Informer video exertion Alex Stadnik says that portion the crippled has its just stock of flaws, its problems “don’t detract from my wide enjoyment of the game. I won’t constitute my thesis connected its commentary connected capitalism, but I’ll fondly retrieve my co-op sessions wherever I tore done this cyberpunk world.”

The Ascent is disposable connected Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. 

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