The Weeknd releases video for 'Take My Breath' single

2 months ago 20
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(CNN)The Weeknd has released the video for his caller azygous "Take My Breath."

The video features The Weeknd partying astatine a rave, wherever helium meets a mysterious pistillate with an oxygen tank. She gives The Weeknd hits of oxygen earlier yet choking him with her braid and dragging him on a floor. At the end, helium is near unsocial connected a creation level gasping for air.

"Take my enactment distant / And marque it past forever, babe / Do it present oregon never, babe / Take my enactment away," The Weeknd sings successful the video, directed by Cliqua.

    The video was primitively slated to debut successful Imax theaters earlier screenings of "Suicide Squad," but was pulled owed to strobe lighting perchance causing issues for those with airy sensitivity.

      "Take My Breath" was produced by Max Martin and Oscar Holter.

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