Trump Comments on “Tragic Mess” in Afghanistan, Asks: “Do You Miss Me Yet?”

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Former President Donald Trump has issued a connection remarking connected what helium called the “tragic mess” successful Afghanistan and different issues, specified arsenic precocious inflation, that are straight affecting the United States.

“Tragic messiness successful Afghanistan, a wholly unfastened and breached Border, Crime astatine grounds levels, lipid prices done the roof, ostentation rising, and taken vantage of by the full world––DO YOU MISS ME YET?”

Trump’s connection was shared by Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), 1 of his astir fervent supporters. She remarked, “Yes! So much!”


Trump’s connection was resoundingly ridiculed.

@laurenboebert Another connection from doubly impeached, Florida Retiree?


@laurenboebert Well helium had 4 years to instrumentality attraction of it but helium played play instead.


@laurenboebert He doesn't miss you oregon anyone astatine all. He misses his p-grabbing power.



@laurenboebert Nah. Historically inept retiree forced to "tweet" via silly property releases.


Trump’s connection comes amid news that the United States is readying a swifter evacuation arsenic cities astir Afghanistan autumn to the Taliban. The Taliban has taken power of 17 provincial capitals since past Friday.

Trump’s medication had projected leaving Afghanistan by January 15, 2021.

“By May, it is President Trump’s anticipation that they volition each travel location safely — and successful their entirety,” then-national information advisor Robert O’Brien said astatine the time. “I privation to reiterate that this argumentation is not new. This has been the president’s argumentation since helium took office.”

Trump was mostly supportive of an Afghanistan withdrawal. In April, helium enactment himself astatine likelihood with different Republicans erstwhile helium suggested that American troops should permission Afghanistan up of President Joe Biden’s projected deadline of September 11.

“I made aboriginal retreat imaginable by already pulling overmuch of our billions of dollars and instrumentality retired and, much importantly, reducing our subject beingness to little than 2,000 troops from the 16,000 level that was there,” helium said.

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