Trump Could Face Criminal Charges For Attempted Coup

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Investigators accidental that it is excessively aboriginal successful the probe to perchance regularisation retired transgression charges for Trump for an attempted coup.

Video of Sen. Dick Durbin connected CNN’s State Of The Union:

Sen. Dick Durbin says Trump was gathering up to a coup, and erstwhile asked if the erstwhile president could look transgression charges, helium answered, "I don't cognize yet. It's excessively aboriginal successful the investigation," which is not a no.


CNN’s Dana Bash asked Sen. Durbin, “Is what you’re seeing and describing an attempted coup? “

The Senator from Illinois answered, “Well, they were going done the mean process. It wasn’t arsenic if the president was removing the attorney general and making pronouncements, which would happen anyhow coup, I guess, by classic definition. It was starring up to that process.”

Bash followed up, “Last question, person you spoken to the existent attorney general, Merrick Garland, and do you deliberation there’s imaginable for criminal charges?”

Durbin answered,I don’t cognize the reply to that. It’s excessively aboriginal successful the investigation. “

The Senate Judiciary Committee Could Refer Trump For Criminal Prosecution

The aboriginal evidence, as provided by erstwhile acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, is damning. Trump personally and straight tried to unit the DOJ into intervening successful the predetermination for him.

Trump didn’t person different radical bash it. He tried to usage the value and powerfulness of his bureau to signifier a coup.

Sen. Durbin described Trump arsenic gathering up to a coup with his DOJ pressure, but Trump’s run wrong the White House, on with his backing and readying of the 1/6 rally, looks a batch similar a coup attempt.

The large takeaway astatine the aboriginal signifier of the probe is that the doorway is not closed connected Trump being criminally charged.,

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