Turtle Rock Addresses Back 4 Blood Beta Racial Slur Heard In-Game

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The astir caller Back 4 Blood beta play housed a batch of amusive and chaotic zombie kills, but immoderate beta players noticed something was disconnected erstwhile moving down hordes of zombies. A fewer videos person been shared connected societal media from Back 4 Blood players that sounds similar the zombies are saying a radical slur. The archetypal video began gaining traction, causing different players to enactment akin instances heard in-game.

With the N-word seemingly being said by the undead, the videos rapidly went viral, causing WB Games and Turtle Rock to rapidly marque a connection regarding the find. In the tweets below, the archetypal 2 videos that went viral tin beryllium seen. The assemblage seems divided connected what it is. Some are saying it conscionable sounds similar a zombie moan, portion others curse that it's a slur. What you perceive is for you to decide, but the workplace has made a connection regarding whether oregon not a slur was intentional (via Kotaku): 

The afloat connection reads arsenic follows: 

Our squad has been made alert of violative connection that tin beryllium heard erstwhile playing the game. This was not recorded oregon ever intended to beryllium portion of our gameplay. The audio is simply a effect of 2 antithetic Ridden growls that are playing simultaneously and erstwhile heard unneurotic dependable similar that word. We are moving diligently to hole this issue, which should beryllium completed either successful clip for the Beta, oregon erstwhile the crippled launches.

While we didn't drawback immoderate sounds similar this during our astir caller Gameplay Live, determination is immoderate beardown connection to beryllium heard. Holly, for instance, loves dropping those F-bombs, truthful if you're streaming to a PG audience, that's thing to support successful caput erstwhile the adjacent beta play commences connected August 12. 

To larn much astir the Left 4 Dead spiritual successor, including our ain interviews with the creator of the crippled and his thoughts connected mods, cheaters, and more, cheque retired our dedicated Back 4 Blood crippled hub here

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