Under-fire Arthur ready to handle 'the noise'

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Eels manager Brad Arthur admits it's pugnacious to spot his players "not enjoying" their footy pursuing Parramatta's 56-10 thrashing astatine the hands of Manly.

Arthur's men battled for the full clash successful the stroke retired nonaccomplishment astatine Sunshine Coast stadium, earlier things took a crook for the worst successful the 2nd half.

The Eels astatine 1 signifier during the 2nd fractional were forced to play with 11 men aft Ryan Matterson and Marata Niukore were ordered disconnected the field for abstracted incidents.

Meanwhile, the timing of past night's hammering couldn't person travel astatine a worse play for Arthur, who earlier successful the week was forced to field questions surrounding his aboriginal successful the aftermath of the Eels' tally of mediocre form.

Asked by a newsman aft the lucifer astir "the noise" that volition travel the club's latest result, Arthur said helium was prepared to grip it all.

Ryan Matterson is sent disconnected for a enarthrosis charge

"It's (the noise) coming. It's what it is, it's footy," Arthur said.

"That portion of it I tin handle.

"I don't similar seeing the players disappointed, unhappy and not enjoying our footy.

"When you get bushed similar that, evidently there's nary enjoyment. That's the spot we request to change.

"The different spot (the noise) - it's going to beryllium there; we've conscionable got to woody with it."

Whether it beryllium focusing little connected the footy broadside of things astatine training, Arthur admitted the nine would request to alteration thing up successful mentation for adjacent Saturday's Cowboys clash.

"We astir apt request to alteration things up astatine training," Arthur said.

Eels players respond aft conceding a effort during the circular 22 NRL lucifer betwixt the Manly Sea Eagles and the Parramatta Eels astatine Sunshine Coast Stadium, connected August 14, 2021, successful Sunshine Coast, Australia. (Photo by Glenn Hunt/Getty Images (Getty)

"Maybe not absorption connected footy this week - I don't know. It's a bully question, but we've got a week to benignant it out.

"We request to premix thing up astatine training.

"Sometimes the harder you work, the much of a spread you excavation yourself into."

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