V'landys calls out ugly sledging barrage

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ARLC brag Peter V'landys has condemned the barrage of sledging that marred a spiteful clash betwixt Cronulla and New Zealand past weekend.

Will Chambers unleashed a bid of sledges astatine Warriors players, with Kane Evans yet being sin-binned after punching the Sharks centre.

Reports suggest Chambers targeted the transgression past of Warriors prop Matt Lodge, who pleaded blameworthy successful 2015 to a misdemeanour reckless battle complaint successful the United States.

Veteran Sharks centre Will Chambers. (Getty)

It's besides believed Warriors halfback Sean O'Sullivan, Lodge's brother-in-law, was dragged into the mess.

Speaking to Radio 2GB's Ben Fordham, V'landys said the full matter was implicit the top.

"I deliberation it's retired of bounds," V'landys said. "I deliberation it's uncalled for."

"It's not successful the tone of the game, and bringing idiosyncratic issues into the crippled is conscionable not portion of the game.

"I anticipation Will learns from it and doesn't bash it again."

V'landys explained that there's nary prohibition connected sledging, but players request to cognize wherever the enactment is.

"If it's humorous, that's OK," helium said.

"But don't marque it personal. Don't marque it astir your backstage life. That's what's retired of bounds.

"It's not successful the tone of the game, and it's not successful the tone of humanity. You don't prime connected someone's weaknesses oregon things that person happened successful their beingness that are regrettable.

"You play the game, you play it hard, but support the idiosyncratic attacks retired of it."

Evans has apologised to his Warriors teammates for losing his chill during the match, which saw him service 2 abstracted stints successful the sin-bin.

Despite being a antheral down for a 4th of the contest, the Warriors hung connected for the win, 18-16.

Kane Evans loses his chill (Fox League)

But the Warriors paid dearly for the victory, with Evans, Lodge and Dallin Watene-Zelezniak each suspended pursuing the match.

Chambers volition besides beryllium missing from enactment this weekend, though Sharks manager Josh Hannay says that's a determination made purely connected form, and isn't related to the sledging incidents past weekend.

The Sharks centre escaped scrutiny from the lucifer reappraisal committee for his comments against the Warriors, with the audio grounds not wide capable to laic a charge.

"The lucifer reappraisal committee did show the referee's audio for immoderate comments that whitethorn oregon whitethorn not person been made and comments weren't audible capable to beryllium picked up by the on-field connection equipment," the NRL's Graham Annesley said.

"That's not to accidental that thing was said, it's conscionable thing was picked up connected the audio.

"The lucifer reappraisal committee tin lone woody with the incidents that they judge they person grounds to proceed with. There was thing determination they could find."

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