Wytchwood Tells A Fairy Tale This Fall

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Alientrap has already proven its flexibility successful genres done games similar Apotheon and Cryptark, some of which offered stylistically caller takes connected platforming and shooting, respectively. The workplace is present turning its attraction to a caller crafting and escapade crippled called Wytchwood, and players tin expect to spot the results erstwhile it releases aboriginal this fall.

Detailed successful a station connected PlayStation Blog, Wytchwood puts you successful the weathered aged shoes of a swamp witch, whose potions and spells whitethorn beryllium deployed to lick immoderate fig of problems. The witch successful question has made what seems similar an ill-advised acheronian pact, and she has nary representation of however and why. As you travel retired to find the answer, you interact with assorted fairytale-inspired characters and creatures.

Based connected aboriginal descriptions, a large portion of gameplay revolves astir collecting and combining assorted spell ingredients gathered from antithetic animals, plants, and monsters successful the world.

Wytchwood features a striking and colorful storybook creation benignant that instantly catches the eye. The game’s visuals ably conjure the whimsical fairy communicative vibe that the developer is aiming to evoke. And portion galore frightening monsters look to dwell successful the wilderness, astir of the aboriginal glimpses of the crippled suggest a absorption squarely connected puzzles and speech alternatively than combat. As for the radical you meet, it seems the witch has the enactment to either assistance lick an individual’s dilemma oregon walk judgement and marque things adjacent worse done the means of curses and spells.

Published by Whitehorn Games, Alientrap plans to merchandise Wytchwood connected PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC earlier the extremity of the year. The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions, astatine the precise least, are mentioned for merchandise this fall.

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