Zero Tolerance: CNN Has Fired 3 Employees Who Refused to Get Vaccinated

2 months ago 22
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Amazingly enough, scientists were capable to make a vaccine to combat the COVID-19 pandemic wrong a year. And 70% of Americans person received astatine slightest 1 of their shots.

But determination is simply a ample radical of radical who person chosen not to get inoculated. Vaccinations person go a civilization warfare contented with galore successful close helping media urging hesitancy against the shot.

Consequences are coming for those who take not to support themselves and others. In immoderate instances, it mightiness outgo them their jobs. CNN’s main Jeff Zucker precocious fired 3 employees who wouldn’t get vaxed.

An  interior email sent by Zucker read:

“Thus far, we person near impervious of vaccination to an grant system. While we person asked for attestation to your presumption via Passcard, it has not beryllium mandatory to nutrient a vaccine card. In the past week, we person been made alert of 3 employees who were coming to the bureau unvaccinated. All 3 person been terminated. Let maine beryllium wide — we person a zero tolerance argumentation connected this. You request to beryllium vaccinated to travel to the office. And you request to beryllium vaccinated to enactment successful the field, with different employees, careless of whether you participate an bureau oregon not. Period. We expect that successful the weeks ahead, showing impervious of vaccination whitethorn go a ceremonial portion of the WarnerMedia Passcard process. Regardless, our expectations stay successful place.”


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